A Shot of “O” – or is it the O-Shot?

Approximately 80 women have sought an injection that is intended to improve orgasm, according to reports last week.

Excerpt from the article:

“The most common thing I hear is ‘wow, what an orgasm,’” Wood, the medical director of Reproductive Sciences Center and the Scientific Director at La Jolla Centre for Sexual Health, said of the effect.

Wood and Dr. Charles Runels co-developed the procedure.

The shot contains a woman’s own platelets, which are injected directly into her vagina. Dr. Wood  says the platelets stimulate the growth of new cells, making the injected areas more sensitive.

The article also mentions that there are no FDA-approved medicines for sexual dysfunction. However, we know of at least two other options:

Eros Therapy – a medical device cleared by FDA for female sexual dysfunction due to arousal or orgasmic disorders

Osphena  – for dyspareunia (painful intercourse)

Regardless, it is great to see research in the area of female sexual health!

What are your thoughts?

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