Get Your Chocolate Fix in 150 Calories or Less

For those times when your cocoa urge is just too strong to ignore, here are seven healthy ways to indulge without any guilty afterthoughts.

On a good diet day, snack time usually means celery and hummus, or maybe Greek yogurt with cereal and fruit. What it doesn’t mean? Giving into your chocolate cravings – no matter how much your office vending machine tempts you.

Hold that thought: Turns out, there is such a thing as a healthy chocolate snack. “If you’re a chocoholic, don’t deprive yourself!” says Everyday Health food and nutrition expert Joy Bauer, author of Food Cures. “If you make chocolate completely off limits, there’s a good chance you’ll go overboard the next time something rich and chocolately is placed in front of you.”

Plus, enjoying chocolate treats in moderation has been linked to better moods, decreased stroke risk, and improved heart health.

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