Private Results about Sexually Transmitted Infections

Jessica Ladd, the founder of Sexual Health Innovations, launched “Private Results” to help people find out where and when to be re-screened for STIs and find the closest place to buy condoms.

According to Healthcareitnews, “There are 110 million sexually transmitted infections among women and men nationwide, with 20 million new STIs reported each year. And the price tag’s no small figure either, say CDC officials, who peg direct medical costs at a whopping $16 billion annually.

City health departments are seeing local repercussions, too. Some 40 percent of people tested for STIs at the Baltimore Department of Health’s clinics don’t receive their results because they don’t come back for their test outcomes. For those who tested positive for an STI and never found out, from both a treatment and partner safety perspective, it’s not good news.

That’s one of the big motivators behind the creation of Private Results, an online, open-source STI test results delivery system created by the folks at Sexual Health Innovations….”

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